Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Brisbane

The nerve tissues inside a tooth can become infected and die. The most common cause is due to extensive decay that has reached the nerve. Others include, trauma to the tooth, a history of deep restorations and unfavourable fractures to the tooth.

  • Signs and symptoms of an infected tooth can include:
  • Severe, constant throbbing pain
  • Severe tenderness
  • Facial swelling
  • Pus draining from the gum

Root Canal Treatment aims to remove all infected tissues and seal the canals with root canal fillings. The process usually takes two to three appointments to complete. After root canal treatment, a crown is the ideal way to restore the tooth, to provide the best seal and strongest restoration.

Due to the highly variable anatomy and complexities of root canals, sometimes a referral to a root canal treatment specialist, an endodontist, is necessary. Unfortunately the tooth maybe so extensively decayed or unfavourably fractured that the tooth may require extraction and alternative treatments such as an implant or bridge should be considered.