Dental Fillings from Rochedale Smiles, Your Dentists in Rochedale

Dental restorations, or fillings, are required to restore decay, broken, eroded and worn teeth.

Once decay is removed, teeth can be restored using a variety of dental restorative materials and colours to appear and function as natural teeth. White fillings, called composite fillings, are the most commonly used restorative material.

Composite restorations (White fillings) are made from resin-compounds that have benefits, which include

  • The ability to bond to tooth structure, which restores some of the tooth’s original strength
  • Less tooth structure is removed for the preparation of the filling
  • A variety of colours are available to restore a tooth to look natural.

In cases where the tooth is heavily broken or in an area of high functional load, a restoration called a dental crown maybe a better long-term alternative.

Like all dental restorations, fillings may wear, break and are susceptible to decay at the margins at the tooth structure. Therefore, it is important to have regular six-month check-ups and employ a good oral hygiene routine to avoid or detect problems in their early stages.