Full or Partial Dentures

Full or partial dentures are an inexpensive treatment option to replace missing teeth. Extraction of teeth is always the absolute last resort in dental treatment. It is usual to keep as many teeth as possible in order to provide greater stability for the partial denture.

There are two widely used types of dentures – acrylic and chrome-based dentures.

The acrylic denture is fabricated from a plastic-like material. The acrylic denture is a low-cost option that also enables easy additions of denture teeth in the future.

The chrome-based partial denture is a far stronger alternative to the acrylic denture. Due to the strength of the chrome, the denture is able to be thinner, and less intrusive in the mouth. This is especially useful for patients with a strong gag reflex who require an upper partial denture. Additionally, chrome-based dentures have a superior fit, function and longevity compared to acrylic dentures.

Dentures usually take around five appointments to manufacture, with approximately one week needed between each for laboratory work. Dentures should be cleaned as often as your natural teeth and taken out at night to avoid inflammation and fungal infections.

Dentures can provide you with an inexpensive treatment option to restore your smile.